Will City or County Services Help Me With a Snake Issue?

Will city or county animal services help me with a snake issue?

City and county animal services do not only serve the purpose of safeguarding domestic pets and citizens of the society. They are also responsible for taking care of wildlife, which includes wild animals. The relevant laws are in place to ensure a healthy relationship between animals and mankind.  Generally, animal services cater to almost one thousand requests per annum. Requests include problems with natures such as bites, misbehaving dogs, or misuse of animals. These services also issue the necessary licenses needed to own pets. 

Services Provided by Animal Services
One important step that animal services take is that they make a shelter for homeless animals, thereby protecting the people of the society from the potential danger that these animals may cause. Therefore, this is a very important function. 

Despite trying to protect the humans in the community from animals such as dogs, cats, and various insects, their services are often limited to just these animals. There are barely any services that will cater to snakes and other dangerous animals. 

Important Facts to remember about Snakes
It is important to know certain characteristics of snakes. It is not necessary that every snake you see will be poisonous. Many species of snakes do not have venom. The non-venomous snakes generally tend to be non-aggressive as opposed to the venomous snakes. Another point to note is that non-venomous snakes are usually afraid of you, and they will only attack you if they are scared. Non-venomous snakes are sometimes very good climbers. Thus there is the threat that these may sneak into your attic while finding food for themselves. 

Which Animal Services will cater to the Snake Problem?
Records of animal services show many requests and queries regarding help with a snake-related issue. Snake problems usually mean a snake in the house or the backyard. People usually need someone to remove the snake from the house and to help take the correct preventive measures from snakes coming in the future. Most animal services don't have the necessary equipment for these tasks. Therefore they are unable to help with such issues. There are only a handful of services which may help you with these problems. These experts will tell you that the first you need to avoid panicking. Panicking causes the snake to get aggressive, thus resulting in further problems. You may also get tempted to try and exterminate the snake yourself. This is also a bad idea. There is a proper process to kill a snake, and there are chances that if you try to take it on yourself, you may mess up, and could even end up getting bitten.

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